As foreseen by the diviners of 3D printing future, the technology is getting bigger and faster. New technologies and new companies are making it possible to 3D print objects more quickly and at larger scales than previously possible, 3DpXL! is a leading provider of large format 3D printing solutions. The largest, fastest and most advanced large format 3D printing solution, based on proprietary GDP (Gel Dispensing Printing) technology – a solution that ignites a market explosion in the use of large 3D objects, through a variety of markets worldwide. The proprietary GDP process sees this gel dispensed onto a build platform and instantly cured with UV light to create a solid layer of material, as the object is built up layer by layer. Visually, the process may look like the fused deposition modeling process but the use of photosensitive gel makes it an entirely different method with its own unique benefits, including increased curing and printing speed and a lack of dependence on support structures. We are able to print at a fast rate, which is due to several components within the technology—primarily due to the UV gel and its properties. First of all, because we are curing a gel, the material is already closer to a solid form than a liquid. Secondly, we are printing very thick layers, so the build rate is very high because we are building large layers. Thirdly, because the gel has a kind of self-sustaining power, we can print a lot of prints with hardly any support to no support at all. The printer, then, does not spend time on printing supports. Because we’re using a UV curing process that is very rapid and not heating up and cooling down thermoplastic materials, we can move to the next point and very rapidly lay down the next bit of material.