Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design is the early phase of the design process, it includes the design of interactions, experiences, processes and strategies. It involves an understanding of our client’s needs - and how to meet them with products, services, & processes. Begginning with concept scetches and models.

3D Cad Illustrations for 3D printing

We convert our client’s ideas into a three-dimensional space which we conceptualise and finalise a process by applying a user centred methodology and design to convert a concept into the form of computer aided design and electronic files for the preparation of printable three-dimensional products.

Xtra Large Format 3D Printing

Our print offering can produce very large 3D pieces, such as life-sized plastic figures and giant monsters. It can build objects up to 1.8m high. Multiple pieces can be bonded to make larger or complex items. We turnaround jobs at blistering speeds and have the ability to print objects faster than anything available in today’s 3D printing market; printing at rates up to 35 cm/hr. Cut finishing time dramatically, with no support structures to remove and no need for post-curing.

Variety of Decorative Finishing

The finished 3D printed article is a white plastic material which can be sanded and painted in a variety of different finishes to suit your needs and budget. Coupled with specialised airbrush finishing for more intricate and enticing products optimising your brand.


Apart from the finished 3D product we offer a dedicated and professional installation team with a footprint throughout Africa. Which includes structural and lighting installations done to specification on time delivered within budget.